Themed Entertainment





UCSD Haunted House Competition 2021

Skills: Themed Entertainment Brand Development, Logo Design, Signage Design, Concept Package Design
Programs: Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop, and InDesign

I was able to design my first haunted house concept for the University of San Diego's competition in 2021. I acted as the main graphic designer alongside an amazing team, Grace Perrotta, Mike Artwell, Abby D. Light, and Kelsey Powers. Please enjoy, Spring Break '69: Survive the Scorch:

"Record-high heat is certainly making waves at this far out beach bash. The dangerous temperature is boiling the brains and bods of those stoked to catch some rays, causing giddy and groovy beachgoers to transform into mindless and murderous monsters. Blistered and burning, these crispy konks are cruisin’ for a bruisin’, hunting you down for your skin, creating a major sweat.

Evade a gnarly fate as you twist and shout through a deranged beach extravaganza, screaming with sand, surf, and suffering. Be sure to keep your cool and stay out of sight to survive this killer party!"

View the entire concept package HERE.

Early Logo Concepts
Extra Environmental Graphics