Themed Entertainment





Light Loch Bay Resort

Skills: Signage Design, Story Development, Concept Package Design
Programs: CADTools, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Click here to view entire Concept Package (compressed)

This project was done as an assignment for the Themed Entertainment Creative Academy.

The brief was simple, come up with various signage for a themed environment/attraction, from the main identity sign, wayfinding, operational signage, and decorations.

I decided to create a "stay and play" Nordic resort that ties in modern and traditional Scandinavian influences.

We learned about ADA requirements, fabrication, section drawings, etc. I was able to practice within CADTools and learn more about the technical side of signage, way finding, and environmental graphics.

CADTools specifications for main ID sign
Fabrication call outs for main ID sign
Show curtain pattern swatch and mock-up