Themed Entertainment





Super U: Rah Rah Rollercoaster

Skills: Themed Entertainment Signage
Programs: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

3D rendering by Keegan Toscano

This project was done in collaboration with Grace Perotta who wrote the treatment for the Super U: Rah Rah Rollercoaster.

“Supers need sports too! Come soar at Super University and play a game of Super Ball with your team of powerful players. It is Super U’s most anticipated scrimmage of the season: Heroes VS Sidekicks – and we’re in OVERTIME.

Surrounded by the spirited sights, the exhilarating sounds, and the electric anticipation of the tied game, Coach Cape of the Heros or Coach Calculator of the Sidekicks pulls us off the bench and into the super scrimmage! With our newfound team spirit, we engage in a high-speed battle against our opponents for the renowned Super U Super Ball Super Cup!

We twist, turn, and fumble downfield, intercepting superpowers from all sides– all narrated by the SU Game Announcers. Like all great sporting events, the ending is never predictable, and outcomes may change with every game played… but, like all great superhero stories, the good guys always win!

Super U: Rah Rah Rollercoaster is not a level playing field, but a high-speed, dueling coaster extravaganza filled with pep, powers, and super spirit!” - Grace Perotta

I helped create the signage for the attraction. I enjoyed thinking of effective ways of visual communication within differentiating the main entrance, single riders, and express queues. I also created the safety and warning sign.