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Imagithon Challenge 2021

Skills: Themed Entertainment Attraction Logos, UI/UX Design, Mobile and Web App Design
Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, and Procreate

About the Imagithon Challenge

"The Imagithon Challenge is a community-based studio simulation project. What started as a LinkedIn post asking to see who would be interested in working together on a portfolio piece turned into a full-blown multi-month experience with 12 industry mentors helping to guide 30+ young professionals through real-life scenarios of working in Themed Entertainment.

Our studio has been divided into separate teams that have been working on two very different concepts. Will guests explore new worlds and discover the ancient folklore of New Orleans? Or will they immerse themselves in the sounds from around the globe as they find their own beat through music-filled lands?

After pitching the Blue Sky Pitches in October 2020, athletes worked through more details and focused their efforts on two lands per park, including entertainment offerings. During this "Concept” pitch session (presented in December 2020), each team presented their park pitches and then received feedback & critique from invited industry veterans." — Imagithon Challenge

Park Map of Rhythmic Realms

Attraction Logos

Environmental graphics and attraction logos

The large team I was a part of was in charge of creating two lands for the park, Rhythmic Realms. My smaller team, Spectacle Central, created a land that reveled in the music of show business, Broadway, Bollywood, and Hip Hop.

I acted as the sole graphic designer for my team. I was responsible for creating the attractions and entertainment logos for the land. This was a great exercise because I was able to be extremely creative as well as try to stay within the style and mood of the land, Spectacle Central.


Wristbands corresponding to each land in Rhythmic Realms

I also acted as an interactive developer within my team alongside Bonnie Stinson. We created the in-park app for guests to optimize their experience within, Rhythmic Realms. We created an experience that integrated mobile devices and RFID. Guests would go around the park collecting sounds and beats giving the guests the incentive to play with the land elements.

With RFID wristbands and interactivity throughout the park, guests would be able to activate various show set elements which would be recorded on their mobile devices. As guests complete certain tasks they would be rewarded with exclusive content, music, and prizes.

Sketch done in Procreate to visualize interactivity
Example of medallion showing guests where interactivity is found
Three app scenarios corresponding to different lands and their land-play within the mobile app
Prototype of online web application

With these collectables guests could create profiles at home to extend their in-park experience. They can enjoy the sights and sounds they saw at Rhythmic Realms in a digital creative platform. Guests can mix their own beats and share them with the online Rhythmic Realms community.

We also saw opportunity of partnership, possibly with platforms like Spotify, YouTube, or WaveXR, where guests could use creations for credits and redeem or access exclusive media, like concerts, new music, or merchandise. We really wanted to celebrate a holistic theme park experience and give guests the opportunity to have agency and creativity.

This was my favourite part of the whole project because I am very passionate about UI/UX design and I was able to really hone those skills within these deliverables. I enjoyed thinking about user-centered design and technology while also expanding my graphic design skills for web and mobile.

Credit: 3D Render by Mike Artwell and Logo by Reese Patillo