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Neo Normal 2020 Social Media

Skills: Graphic Design, Social Media Content Creation, Copy Editing, Wireframing
Programs: Adobe Illustrator

At the end of my Master’s program at Ryerson University we held a digital showcase for our major research projects. The showcase was intended for faculty, industry professionals, as well as family and friends to see the hard work we’ve put in during the program.

To promote the event, we took to social media, specifically Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Once branding and key graphics were created by my fellow cohort member, Stefan Grambart, I worked on creating the social cards for these platforms. We wanted to ensure branding was consistent through all content, from social media to Event Brite invitations.

Within wireframing the template, I did not want to over saturate the content on either cards. The identity of the event was bold and I knew that would draw the audience in visually and lead them to consume the posts fully.

For Instagram and Twitter I created two different layouts so that when viewing the Ryerson social profiles there would be some visual variety.

When creating these cards I had to work within the restraints of the decided branding and adhere to the guidelines set (i.e. typeface, colour, etc.). I enjoyed the process of putting these cards together for all 34 cohort members. The event was a success and I’m so proud of everything my cohort achieved during that year.

If you would like to learn more about the event and my Master’s thesis please visit:

Instagram social cards
Twitter social cards