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PANDA - Skincare Brand

Skills: Brand Development, Package Design, and Web Design
Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and XD

PANDA is a skincare brand I mocked up for the #DailyLogoChallenge. The prompt was to create a “panda logo”. Panda’s are one of my favourite animals in the world so I definitely was excited to come up with something, although there already is a very famous panda logo in existence. I wanted to challenge myself and try some loose line art for the icon of the brand. I really enjoy the modern, clean aspect of this icon, paired with a fashionable font and am extremely happy with how it came out.

To bring the brand together I wanted to mock up some products that would be sold. I kept the packaging extremely simple and took the cleaner approach to reflect the sustainable values of the “company”. The amber bottles also add to the modern look as a whole.

I wanted to further the brand as a whole and play around with what an e-commerce site would look like for PANDA. Again, sticking with the clean, straightforward design I kept the landing page simple and wanted to bring focus to the products and image carousel. Creating the images for the carousel was a great way to bring life back into the stark white website and express more of the company’s values by adding nature and greenery to the graphics.

Mock site in motion
Brand Guidelines